Polish the Lamp

Light Up Light

Polish the Lamp
Lost, once seeking
Unknowingly yearning
To stamp out
The two ends burning

Dirties the glass
Light shines dim
Ashy layer
Fills to the brim

Clean, clear, cleanse
Polishing gently
Remove the soot
Working intently

Found, now lolling
Purposefully pause
To blaze from inside
Serenity the cause

Artistically Blurry



Which way was it?
Which way do I go?
Which way to find you?
Which way to hello?
Which way to your heart?
Which way from solo?
Which way to eternal?
Which way out of so-so?
Which way to grace?
Which way, do you know?

Artistically Blurry



There you stand
wanting to be seen
I see you
There is no refuting
you are here
No disregarding
your presence
Your aura radiating
Far reaching
your singular spot
Tapping my shoulder
Whispering in my ear
Calling to me
Demanding my attention
Stomping it’s foot
Firmly voicing itself
it’s desires
it’s wants
it’s needs
Not to be ignored
I have tried

ignorance is bliss

ignorance is bliss
i wish i could go back
to days when i didn’t know
did not know
the pain
the ache
the punishment
of having love ripped away
left standing blindsided
i had poured everything
into your vessel
for you to only pour
mine out
and leave it empty
forsaken, unable to blossom
barely able to preservere
stuck in the mindset
that emptiness is inevitable
that the chasm is always
if I venture once more
to journey on the road
with you




Stepping out into the sunshine
Carmel rays flooding my eyes
Warm blanket of brightness envelops me
It pulls me tight and tucks me in
You’re there, your eyes on me
Like the sun, I can feel their fiery intensity
Does anyone else feel that?
Are all the strangers oblivious to that affinity?
The unspoken one from you to me and back again
Circling us both like hungry vultures
Ready to pick us apart on the roadside
And leaving nothing but bones roasting in the sun

Bird’s Eye View

Capture Yourself