Friends and Sweets

Caramel Apples

We were set to make caramel apples yesterday, but Marley wanted to wait until today because his friend, Tucker, was coming over.  It was worth the wait.  Dessert was so yummy tonight.  I got the best one… the bowl of leftover caramel and a couple leftover apples.

When It All Just Clicks

Almost 4 years ago, I did a little research on fat bikes.  I found a shop in Dekalb that sold Surly, so jotted down their address and hours of operation.  On a Saturday, shortly before Christmas, I packed the kids in the car, asked Matt to drive, and plugged that address into the GPS.  Matt’s instructions were to drive.  When we arrived at our destination, North Central Cyclery, I revealed to him that we were there for him.  He was to pick out a fat bike, get fitted, and “Merry Christmas”.  Matt had no clue, but he had been wanting a fat bike for some time.

Heading up this incredible bike shop, in small town Illinois, was Tobie.  Here was a shop that sold high end bikes, yet welcomed us into their arena graciously.  There have been several occasions when I have accompanied Matt bike shopping and the air of the shop stinks of snobbery.  Because I admittedly know nothing of cycles, there was no patience of explaining things to me and certainly no interest in conversation with me.  NCC was different.  The guys were down to earth, excited to talk bikes with everyone, even the boys.

Over the course of the 4 years since then, Matt bought a cross bike and we purchased cycles for both Marley and Brodie from Tobie.  It may have been over an hour drive, but the community that Tobie created at the shop was worth every minute of the drive.  Matt attended events they planned and began connecting with Tobie and some of the other guys on IG and through their blogs.

We have always expressed to any of our friends that if they want to visit Idaho or are in the vicinity, they always have a place to stay.  Our home is open for visitors at any juncture.  Almost a month ago Tobie and his family began an incredible adventure.  In anticipation of their own move to a new state and the start of new adventures, they sold their house, rented an RV and began a month long trip throughout the West.  Of course, Matt reached out to let him know that they were always welcome here.

I had little contact with Tobie and had never met his wife and kids.  What I did know about him gave me full confidence that our time as families together would be fun.  After 2 days together, it was proven.  Lily, their daughter, is 9.  She is an avid reader and hung right with Marley and Brodie.  Mason, 7, became quick besties with Cale in the world of Minecraft and of swords and pop guns.  Sage, all of 3 years old, enjoyed many of the same things as Perry and proclaimed Matt to be a “very nice man”.  Anna, Tobie’s wife and mama to these 3 wonderful babies, had an ease about her that just fell into place for me.  Our conversation never seemed to break.  She is a runner, knitter, and mama.  An athletic woman with an artistic heart and patient soul, my kind of girl. Matt and Tobie could talk bikes and family for hours, as well as of Tobie’s new ventures.

No one knew how things would go, but it all just clicked and the 2 days together went fast.  Mostly we just hung out at our house, but we did take a quick trip to Table Rock to show off Boise.  It wasn’t the clearest day, but the kids didn’t even notice with all the rocks to climb on.

Checking Out Boise
Look Out
Up, Up, Up
Graffiti Model
Quick Friends
RV Kids

You never know what decisions in life will alter it years down the road.  I never imagined a fat bike purchase would result in meeting such an awesome family and our crews having 2 fun days together.  Thank you Depauws for coming to our home and sharing your family with ours.

Tag Along

Fern is Sadie’s side kick.  She goes everywhere with her big sister.  When they are apart she is lost.  She especially hates being outside alone.


When they are together, she is at peace.

Sleeping Sisters