say anything

say anything
and she was looking
in search of the man
who would stand in the pour
let the water soak his jeans
fill his hightops
matte his hair
all while playing their song
out boombox overhead
to win her gypsy heart
and she would settle
for nothing less

80’s Movie Night

I introduced my guys to Say Anything tonight. This was, hands down, my favorite movie in my younger days. I wore out the VHS. And the soundtrack cassette tape.

Cameron Crowe really knew how to write about love. The love story is perfect. Perfectly imperfect. But Lloyd Dobler is a true heart, a pure heart. Like me, he is in love with love. He doesn’t even know what he wants to do. He knows he wants to love her, that’s it.

That’s what I want. Someone who knows that anything and everything that matters, comes down to love. I wish I could tell my teenage self, “you don’t have to change yourself for love. You don’t have to worry about molding yourself for love. It will come to you. Someone will come along who will love you for you.”

I know it now. I also know that I will not settle. I will find my Lloyd Dobler.

baker’s bray

baker’s bray
lost in the swarm of baker’s bray
flour covered in lost words
cyclone of doubt and hopes
hurling the heavy mixing bowl
with your words stirring
into the air for clarity
pirouetting under that rainfall
of masterful melodies
letting them rain down on me
hair dusted powdered wig
apron glazed in the sandy spray
of your forgotten verse
i have not forgotten
i relish that storm of song
face turned up to feel its fall
upon my cheeks and lips
imagining this poetry
cast down onto me
is your lips touching mine
tender words with gentle graze
leaving its crystallized sugar
for me to taste and lick fondly
ingesting to savor with
every fiber of my being




she rested her head
on his chest afterwards
breathing rapidly
she found it hard to catch her breath
he always made her air thin
and now this close
it was like summiting Everest
she listened to his heart
just as she imagined
each beat in sync with hers
she felt like a puzzle piece
tucked in his arms
their naked bodies entangled
fitting together
they laid in silence
she tried not to cry
as she finally felt whole again
she had everything she needed

and he
he held her in his arms
she fit there as if designed
he had summoned this
called out never knowing its truth
assuming life didn’t work that way
but now she was here
cradled in his strong arms
resting on him
her bareness against his
just as he had envisioned
their lines melding into
one endless sum of parts
and he had no words
his circle closed now
there was nothing further to call out
his invocation heard

laid together soaking in each other
both hoping this was the start
of their orbit
ellipsing each other
first pulled towards each other
from some force of nature
drawn without explanation
but now choosing to stay
on their own regard
in rotation




in my dreams i am dreaming
of a day with you and me
your hand in mine
fingers entwined, laced and linked
thumbs finding thumbs
fingertips grazing knuckles
union of paired palms
solidarity in such simple action
intimacy of interwoven integers
be it in carnal bed
or on sunny sidewalk
a communion in compatibility
a connection outward clear
veneer of visible unified value
inward a sign, symbol, stamp
inked from my heart to yours
imprinting what words cannot
the inner workings of my soul
desire to be one with yours

Hand Extended, Heart Exposed


radiant risk

radiant risk
step into darkness
common descriptor of risk
i light up risk

no scary monster under unlit room’s bed

no tree creature of the shadowy forest

no boogeyman from murky mystic marsh

radiant is risk
brilliantly bright as blinding
intensity so grand, vision veiled

the stones of stumbled steps

the roots of toppled footfalls

invisible in the vivid splendor
still continuing in confidence
rambling over those rocks and roots

through puddles of pain
recognizing and relishing risk
moving forward toward burning morn

with faith in God

and belief in myself

Blinding Light


she wept

she wept
strength on her shoulders
she walked down the alleys
knowing she could handle herself
no one could hurt her
or so she told
or so she behaved
when alone at night
or standing in shower’s stream
she opened her wounds
and dissolved into tears
she whispered, “i miss you
so no one could possible hear
but he already knew
he had heard her soul
weeks earlier crying out
whether he chose to listen
but he knew
and she wept