These Branches Of My Tree

These Branches

These Branches Of My Tree
These branches of my tree
Stretching wider than I
Touching further than I
Reaching higher than I

These branches of my tree
Extensions of my great trunk
The foundation of their growth
The food of their girth

These branches of my tree
Trusting in established roots
Running deep and strong and anchored
Gathering nourishment for flourishing

These branches of my tree
Knowing the good of these boughs
The fruits of their evolution
The graces of the harvest

These branches of my tree
Casting shade for the parched passerby
Supporting beams for scampering squirrels
Protecting limbs for nesting nightingales

Blossom my lovelies! Open your blooms to the world
Allow the stoppers to smell your flowers
Allow the goers to relish your beauty
Raise up! These branches of my tree



The Fault In Our Stars

Marley, Brodie and I have been waiting to watch this movie and it was worth the wait.

In the movie they travel to Amsterdam and it made me think about my time in Amsterdam. I wrote all throughout my traveling around Europe. Amsterdam is my favorite place I have ever visited. On the day I wrote this, I experienced a moment in time that I will never forget. When I do relaxation, to this day, it is where I go. It is my happy place.

August 10, 1997
8:54 pm (Holland time)
in the hotel in Amsterdam

After all of the fear
Our moment of peace
has arrived.

The train stops at
Amsterdam and we step
off into the streets.

The hotel is luxurious
but not too expensive
close to the Red Light District

Sex, drugs, and alcohol
A regular festival

We stop in a cafe
and smoke a joint
in their dungeon

As we walk
the streets, people
from all over join us

A man shakes his change
to the beat and sings
as a woman in the boat joins in

Another strums a guitar
and lightens up my
tired feet

A square full of
people, two drumming
in perfect rhythm

I sit now by the
hotel window looking
out at the canal below

The sun sets with
pink and purple illuminating
throughout the clear sky

A city full of freedom
you can taste it in
the air

Bikers, pedestrians, and cars
all up and down
the bumpy streets

Smiling faces and happiness
all look back
at you

Documentary Photography

Over a Century

Birthday Boy

Today was the cat’s birthday. This old man turned 15 or 105 in cat years. He got the little bowl in front of him filled with milk. Exactly what a cat should want. Instead he stared and stared at that donut Brodie was eating. No way Brodie was sharing his donut with a cat. Sorry Hobbes. But Happy Birthday old friend.

Documentary Photography

Embracing Our Faults

Sacrificed for Art

Embracing Our Faults
Holding tight
Squeezing until
It seeps through your fingers
And drips onto your new pants
Leaving a prominent stain

As hard as you try
As much as you scrub
That stain does not come clean
It remains a reminder
Of that very moment in time

The mark of time
The goal of presence
Overcast by the archived grey clouds
The allusion of the fresh start
The clean slate with the prominent stain

Letting go
Releasing that blemish
Allowing the mark to be embraced
No longer a tarnish, but a truth
The substance of reality


These Boots

Slipping into someone’s path
Going for that mile
Finding all the twists
Fared all the while

Hurdling the holes
The divots and the dents
Understanding more deeply
How the road makes sense

Navigating the sandy parts
Passing by stumbling blocks
Up and down the hills
Navigating all the rocks

The journey of another
Knowing bumps and bends and roots
The journey of another
Just slip into their boots


Practice Pays Off

Marley and Brodie had their orchestra concert today. It is always so fun to hear them play every day at home and then hear the same songs as an ensemble. It was beautiful. I’m so proud of their dedication and commitment.

Warm Up