in that minute

Dark Unicorn

in that minute
night falls
casting its shadow
on today’s everything
a decade now
ten years where time
melted into the hour
and your hand
melted into mine
i knew
i knew the exact minute
it was going to happen
i could hear it in your breath
you waited
held out for just me and you
i came close
in that minute
i brushed your hair
off your forehead
pulled your blanket to your chin
you were always so cold
and took your listless palm
into mine
your breath
it took another step
closer you were ascending
the staircase to home
as my fingers
entwined with yours
your hand so cold to the touch
and mine so warm
alive with life
and life growing in me
i whispered to you
and i know you heard
because right then
in that minute
you stopped
you were home

Ten years ago today I helped my mama return home, but not before placing a piece of her in my heart.

defense mechanism


defense mechanism
your mother always said,
“your brother’s so sensitive.”

did she not know your heart was as thin skinned as his?

your emotions laid just as much on your plaid flannel sleeve?

only you,
you crafted armor.
as a baby began forging
alloy pieces
laid in place for protection

from the daggers thrown
from the swords meant to slice
from the Trojan horses carrying enemy armies.

you knew you must prepare
because that tender heart
is so very vulnerable.
so very susceptible
to the soldiers ready to battle.
and you are not a warrior,

at least, not born one.

you were born a believer

and then raised to garner strength,
weld it as your framework.
the suit you present.


as you dismantle these plates
leaving a pile of metal ruins

the arrows strike
the knives stab

but believers believe
in the light and love
and when allowed to grow
learn to know
this sheath shields
better than any man
made metal defense


Cherry Blossom

sit with me
under the cherry blossom tree
in the practice of hanami
picnicking like ancient samurais
lay down your sword
and spread our gingham blanket
under the pink blossoms
where we drink sake
and you read Confucius to me

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.”

the tail of the gentle breeze
flips my skirt and sends
the rose petals
falling one by one
raining onto our
blooming spring of love
slowly dropping off their
tree of life
it is this transience
the “mono no aware”
showering down on us
and reminding us
to seize the day

wings of rare

Freak or Unique

wings of rare
we are not symmetry
broken free from chrysalis
we hung upside down
on a summer bough
stretched and unfurled
you and i
you on the left
i on the right
and dried in the sun’s rise
wiping the long sleep away
we saw our shades vary

a vibrancy
a neutrality

in shape and angle
we are cookie cutter
perfectly poised for lift off
take flight and soar
but in color
we are unique
our bilateral symmetry
no mirror at the midline
instead we shine
stand out in rarity
and our colors blend
where the heart beats

on the crystal tundra

Penguin Pair

on the crystal tundra
in this snowy dreamscape
of q-tipped trees
and frozen footsteps
we huddle together
our vestigial wings
keeps us earth bound
grounded to the crystal tundra
which can be barren
and desolate at times
we seek refuge in the other


dangerous dealing
when it is all you have

graceful trustfall
one it is one in the bag

and our bags are full
with winter hats
and wooly mittens
yet, still we choose
to warm ourselves
in the company
of each other

dreams awaken

On the Line

dreams awaken
pinned to our line
we pleat and ripple
in the gentle breeze
side by side
drying as the sun’s heat
permeates our cotton fibers
weaved from the same source
cut from the same bolt
we are the set sold
in package
now washed of our past
and clotheslined
our sides swell and swirl
lifted in the wind
with a whistle our corners dog ear
and fall back in the whisper
of the listless air
in this dance of Mother’s breath
patiently we sway
until we are joined together
on the bed
where dreams