Apple Peelers

Another chore I can always talk my boys into is peeling and coring apples for the pie.

Marley led the troops…

I Will Help You With That

Cale showed Perry just what to do. It was hard to wait.

Let Me Show You

Finally, Perry had his own go at it. He was a natural.

A Pro

They got my apples ready before I had finished off the pumpkin pie.

Braided Crust

Before I knew it Marley had polished off all the sugared and spiced apple ends. The rewards for his work.

My Favorite Memories In Real Time

Thanksgiving is officially right around the bend.  The one thing that makes Thanksgiving for me is homemade noodles.  My mom would make them and I took on that tradition.  Now my boys look forward to them too.  It’s a time consuming process that is WELL worth it.  First, the dough…

Smooth as Silk

Since I have 2 noodle machines we could pair up and get the job done super quick.

Working Together
Even the Littlest Pitched In

Even the mess was manageable.


A day or so to dry and we have Thanksgiving gold.

Noodle Tree




More Projects

Whipping up more gifts.  Love this yarn I stumbled upon in our neighborhood yarn shop.  So perfect that I can say I have a neighborhood yarn shop.  And that it’s in the marketplace where my running store also is located.  And that they are both a mile from my house.


Everyday Fall Run


Every Day in Boise

A storm comes through tomorrow.  That paired with the windy conditions today, soon the trees will be bare.  My beautiful fall North End will become a winter wonderland.  New season, new beauty.  I can’t complain.

Sun Shining Street Side


Since I know my project has reached it’s destination, I can reveal my head scarf.  Perfect for those 2nd hair days.  Or covering grays until you see your hairdresser.

Easy Hair Day
Top View
Head Cover Up