Poor Dink is getting so old.  She has been deaf for awhile now.  After having a cold a couple weeks ago her “good” eye became irritated and now has significant cataracts in both eyes.   It basically left her blind at this point.  It is horrible to watch her deteriorate.  She was my first dog and a sweet loving friend for the last 13 years.  I know her days are closing in, but I will baby and take care of her until I can’t anymore.

Sweet Friend

Snow Day For Sadie

6 + inches of snow in Boise is apparently a big deal.  No school for the boys.  I was happy about that because they got to enjoy Sadie’s first day every seeing snow.  She LOVED it.

Snowy Snow

Snow Day

Body Skiing

And for your viewing pleasure… there is supposed to be a video via Flickr here but may not show up on your screen.  Sorry if it doesn’t I can’t figure out the problem.

Christmas Sneak Peek

I take our Christmas photo every year.  Some years it comes easy and I get it done in a timely fashion, that was this year.

I knew what I wanted to do from the moment we moved into our house and I hit the foothills running.

See my favorite parts of running the foothills are that 1. they are literally 20 steps from my front door, 2. they are what make Boise so magnificent, and 3. on our foothills you turn one way and look out over the treasure valley or the city of Boise, the other way you look out onto the rolling foothills of the Boise mountains.  It is a juxtaposition of nature vs. metropolitan and both are absolutely breathtaking views.  On every run I take into the foothills there is a very large hill that I climb.  It is my favorite foothill, in fact I call it my foothill.  It happens to also be the foothill that I can see right out my dining room window.  The first time I ran (and at that time half walked) up this very high and steep hill, winded and racing heart I made a deal with myself.  I swore that, no matter what I was training for or how important the run was, I would stop at the top and look out over the city.  Then I would turn and look out over the foothills and remind myself of the gorgeous place I get to call my home.

THAT is what I knew our Christmas card must reflect this year.  Our new home.  This beauty that we get to look at, adventure into, and be a part of every day.

The weather is starting to turn, the colors of Boise are beautiful, and the time was right to hike onto a small foothill right outside our house and capture our Christmas card photos.  This is a test shot of Matt taking a pic of me.  This view is the city side.

Christmas Shoot

Celebrate the Small Steps

It’s a Pizza Party

We had a mini pizza party tonight.

No one else really knew it was a party except for me.

We were supposed to have burgers and fries while Daddy was on his bike ride, but I changed plans.  I made it pizza.  I had to give my little guy his favorite thing ever and silently celebrate him.

A few weeks ago we had our biannual nephrology appointment here in Boise.  For these appointments Perry has blood work to see a bunch of things that include how his kidneys are functioning, how his thyroid is functioning, and how his body is just generally functioning.  Everything came back looking very good.  Well, almost everything.  His iron (which had been low and he had been on iron for years) came back normal.  We no longer had to give him that horrendous dropper of nasty, metallic smelling, clothing staining mineral!

BUT he was still anemic.

What that left everyone wondering was why?  The most likely cause of anemia is iron deficiency.  If that isn’t the problem then why is his body not producing enough red blood cells.  His pediatrician was worried about some problem with his marrow.

Oh fuck.  Excuse my language if my boys are reading this in the future, but if there was ever a time to type those words it is in this situation.

Today I spent half my day in the hematology/oncology clinic at our Children’s Hospital.  I sat there with a surgical mask on my face.  Yes, you read that right.  I woke up with a cold and have personal experience with how important it is for cancer patients to not be exposed to even the smallest cold.  It’s no game.  It’s nothing to fuck with.  It can lead to pneumonia fairly easily.  We all know where pneumonia can lead for someone who can’t fight it.  So, I sat there with worry in my stomach and paper surrounding my mouth and nose as I met with this new doctor.

Another doctor to add to our list.

But for now it was a great visit.  His anemia is mild.  So mild that the doctor is not worried at all about it having any effect.  He feels it may be as a result of Perry’s hypothyroidism that was uncovered at 18 months when he went through his first bought of nephrotic syndrome.  This past summer before we left Chicago his endocrinologist there felt it was safe to attempt taking him off his meds.  His blood work isn’t proving to be perfect, so that could very well be our answer to why he’s anemic.  We continue to monitor and hope that everything improves or at least stays the same.

Tonight I remembered when I used to do Thankful Thursday.  Tonight I could not be any more thankful for having a pizza party with this little guy.