Home At Last

I went to see Matt in Boise over spring break.  It was love at first sight.  And first sight was pitch black midnight.  I knew that I loved it when we left the airport and within 5 minutes we were on small town roads.  Little street signs, 2 lanes, no traffic.  A far cry from the liquor stores and pawn shops you encounter upon leaving Midway.  After a myriad of events that seemed to feel like I was destined to not make it to Boise in time for our home inspection, I made it.  Early the next morning I got to see the house, in person, that Matt had toured and bought.  I knew as I drove up, into the foothills, in an established neighborhood that I was home.  This was the place that Matt and I had been dreaming about all these years.  Finally seeing the house in person was all that I had envisioned.  Built in the 70′s into the side of the hill, we sat in the midst of hovering pines.  Tucked away from most neighbors, yet right in the city of Boise.  The 70′s charm had been maintained throughout the house.  One of Matt and my favorite parts of the house is the fireplace in our living room.

One View From Inside Our New Home

The foothills are the best part about the outside of the house.

On View From Our New House

Literally 20 steps from the house is a trail head leading straight up and into miles and miles of trail.  Our goal when looking at houses this time around was location.  It was the most important aspect.  Good schools, foothills, trail access, no HOA…  Somehow we just happened to find our perfect house in this exact location.  What I didn’t realize was how perfect the location was for Matt and I.  After the home inspection Matt wanted to take me to a coffee house that was a 2 minute drive or 5 minute bike ride from our new house.  In driving to the coffee shop we passed Hyde Park.  I saw all our new neighbors playing and enjoying the beautiful weather.  In one spot there was a drum circle.  I turned to Matt and said, “Is this really where we are living?”  He looked back at me and asked if he was dreaming.  We found our peeps.

We spent the remainder of our days together enjoying the things you can really only truly enjoy when your kids are entertained elsewhere.  It had been 10 years since Matt and I had spent more than a few hours alone, so we had a lot of ideas.  We went to flea markets, dinner, furniture stores, running/cycling, and finally hiking to the top on Table Rock.  It was quite the hike, but well worth it.

Look Out

Find the Cyclist

I Found My Cyclist

Our last day was bittersweet.  We woke and drove up towards Bogus Basin, the closest ski mountain, about 20 minutes from our new house.  I saw these 2 sweet birds dancing in the morning sunrise.

Wishing I Was Them

We ended our time at another coffee shop.

Making the Morning Last

I have to say I not only did not want to leave Matt, but I did not want to leave Boise.  But I had 4 little birds waiting for me and soon enough we all will be there for good.

Basement Dwelling

Most Frequented Room in the House

I feel like I am living in our very unfinished basement.  If I am not running on the treadmill twice a day, I am down the organizing, purging for the donation truck and stacking things in a corner.

Why?  We are moving.  Boise, Idaho here we come.  Matt and I have dreamed to be in the Northwest since we first dated.  It has been a goal we were always striving towards.  Our move to Chicago was the first step in that goal and we were always working towards getting there.  Matt getting a position at a company in one of the northwest states was critical.  Relocating makes a HUGE move like this SO MUCH easier.  They pack me, they move me, they insure my stuff, they pay for temporary housing, they incur so much of the expense moving takes on.  Boise was not on our radar.  We had always aimed for Portland or Seattle.  But Matt has a friend he used to work with that lives in Boise and had begun hearing about this incredible place.  It is the third largest city in the NW, with 200,000 people.  Yet, it also has a small town feel.  The average commute is under 20 minutes.  You can be in the city and travel to the foothills of the mountains within 15 minutes.  It is an outdoor sports enthusiast’s wonderland.  Matt being an avid cyclist and me liking to run a tad, it couldn’t be more perfect.  Weather?  Um, about as close to perfect as we could ask for us.  Four seasons, but not extreme temps (low in the 30′s for winter and high in the 80s for summer).  Not extreme winds or humidity.  Sunny and arid.  As we researched it, it became apparent that Boise was the place Matt and I had always been describing.  I am so thrilled to be heading out on this adventure.  We also are excited to reach a place where we can plant some roots.  To find a home and make that spot ours.  Life just got real crazy, but incredibly amazing.

Spurring Memories

We used to be at chess tournaments every other month. When Marley started chess he was really into it and wanted to do these tournaments every chance he had. But then there came a time when he started to feel pressure. Self imposed, mind you, but he still felt the need to be the best. This led to tournaments not being fun anymore.

A few months ago I got an announcement for a tournament close to home. We had not done a tournament, nor had I asked about participating in a tournament, since Brodie began chess club. It was time to give Brodie his chance, if he wanted it. When I asked he immediately, without a second of hesitation said he wanted to do it. Marley agreed based off of Brodie’s enthusiasm. My one and only concern was that the tournament was split into 2 divisions, K-3 and 4-9. Ugh. That was great for Brodie, being the oldest would give him a leg up (possibly) and a confidence booster since this was all new to him. But for my little perfectionist, Marley, this was going to be an uphill climb. And possibly a blow to the ego. But if they were willing and wanting to do it, I am not one to talk them to of it. Losses are as important as the wins.

In fact that was the best moment of the day for me. Brodie was riding high off of 2 wins and returned after his 3rd round. He told me he lost and I could tell he was disappointed. I asked him how he got overtaken and he explained how the game proceeded to me. He then said, “it was actually very interesting how he checkmated me.” I grabbed him and gave him the biggest hug and told him how proud I was of him. I said over and over throughout the whole day that the positive outlook he possessed in that moment and the learning he got from that loss, meant more than any games he did win. It was really beautiful.

It is a long day for everyone. The littlest 2 really kept it together with a little help from iPad…


Bide the Time

That is also how the boys spent their time between rounds in the skittle room.


In the end Brodie’s first time competing landed him a ninth place medal.

Ninth Place!

Marley had a rougher go of it.  He doesn’t practice like he used to, he expects to be at the top, but being amongst the youngest in his division certainly wasn’t conducive to a top performance.  He wasn’t the best sport, but hopefully those moments also are learning experiences.

Medals All Around

february hours

The hours project continues. I have loved looking at these pictures on a daily or weekly basis. The light captured is so unique to the time each month represents. February is 8-9 am. I have 2 shots already for the month and I am sure there will be a few more.

rise up – the hours : february 8-9

lingering cup – the hours : february 8-9

Running Here, Running There

Perry and I started our day of running errands by snapping some shots of Marley’s art on display at the school district administration office. He was so excited that his got picked and we were so proud of him.

On Display

We had the post office and UPS to stop by. Perry was such a helper getting the packages into the mail (a couple of you will soon be receiving said packages…). We finally found a car wash that was open and not 5 cars long in wait. Perry actually enjoyed the wash this time. He sat in amazement as the car got washed (only to be dirtied up 15 minutes later by slush and snow).

Washing Away

Watching Washing

We had such a nice morning. Perry has started using his words to communicate his wants and needs so much this past week. It makes me almost cry just thinking about these little jumps in language development. It has been a hard road, with many more obstacles, but every growth is such a mountain climbed.


Every Friday Flickr presents a theme. I have been engaging in this every now and again. I love taking an idea and seeing what emerges. It is inspiration. This week the theme was #GettingCloser. I started taking a picture for one of my 52 week projects with the theme of monochromatic. I gathered several ivory notions from my grandmother’s sewing kit and my macro and started clicking away.

Monochromatic Notions – 5/52~1

Having the macro already in hand, I saw the light hitting the glass on my desk and the spool of thread stood out. The strand of thread dipping and curling, reflecting off the glass, light highlighting the curves. I focused in on the tip of thread, #gettingcloser, allowing the trail of thread and spool to fall into the depth of field. This has to be one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.


Fourth Photog Project

Sometimes I just can’t help myself.  Especially when I get inspired.  When I read about the hours, I had to do it.  The flickr group and blog are filled with gorgeous images from so many talented photogs.  The concept is that every month one hour of the day will be the focus.  January is 7-8 am.  There are pictures from all over the world during this magic hour when dawn is breaking.  The idea is so simple, but really the beauty of our day is highlighted like I had never considered before.  My January 7-8 am shot is of Hobbes.  During these freezing cold months he will sit on the heating vent and stare longingly out the window, waiting for spring to come.  I have such kinship with him in these moments, I, too, am waiting.

day dreaming – the hours: january 7-8

Today school was cancelled again for bitter cold and unbearable wind chill.  I got to sneak a few early morning hours shots of my guys enjoying the extra sleep time.

sleeping through the break of dawn – the hours : january 7-8

Another not able to stay asleep with my camera clicking away.

bed head – the hours : january 7-8