Four-ging Ahead

Happy Day

Has it been four years?  My fourth child.  My fourth little boy.  It has gone fast and been a long four years all in one.  There were many days at the start when I didn’t even know if I would ever see a fourth birthday for you.  Days when I know I held back my heart in fear that I would lose too much of it, if I lost you.  I have tried to make that up to you.  Giving you more of me than I have ever given to anyone.  

When you were in my belly, 4 years and some odd months ago, I would have visions of holding hands with a little girl with curly hair.  Spending our days just the 2 of us because the boys were older and in school.  You may not wear the little eyelet lace dress I would have in those visions, but your curly little head is just as sweet.  I can tell already, just a day into our new school year, that we will have so many special moments.  

At four you continue the tradition of 3 and 4 being the hardest years.  You have the same tantrums as any other 4 year old.  You just have them a lot more frequently.  The frustration of not being able to communicate your wants, desires, dislikes, and problems creates twice (or thrice) as many instances when you get frustrated.  Your developing communication does make life more challenging, but I do know many of your likes and dislikes.

You only eat a handful of things, despite my persistence at exposing you to an array of foods.  Pizza and waffles are your favorites.  For dessert you like chocolate chip cookies and m&ms.  You still love to watch SuperWhy and play Perry the Platypus on the iPad.  You have an affinity towards Perry…

Perry and the Platypus

You know almost all the letters, both upper and lower case, and seek them out whenever you can.  You love your trains more than anything.  You will build a track that covers the entire study floor and already know to turn the trains around if they won’t stick together.  The trains go everywhere with us and a fair share have been left in a variety of stores both in Plainfield and here in Boise.  You are a slow to warm up kid when it comes to new activities.  You are hesitant to touch play dough or paint, but once you try it you gradually become comfortable playing with that medium.  Your scream is still the loudest scream I have ever heard and that is no exaggeration.  It stops people in their tracks and some even comment (“WHOA”, “WOW”, “That scared me…”) when you let loose in public.  It has improved a lot since you have been surgery free for the last 6 months.  You are SUPER independent.  You hate hand over hand, but do love to snuggle with Daddy and me at times.  My favorite thing about you is your belly laugh.  There are times you will laugh with your whole soul and being.  Anyone in ear shot can’t help but to laugh along with you.  

This birthday you actually participated in decorating the castle cake (even though you ate chocolate chip cookies instead for dessert…).  Through all the other birthdays (I think 12 of them since you were born) you have been a passive participant to the decorating.  You would watch or eat m&ms, but you never really got in and helped out.  This birthday you did.  You didn’t want to get your fingers in the icing, so you put them on the icing and I put them on the cake.

Decorating Duty

You love singing and were enamored with us all singing Happy Birthday to you.  When it came time to blow out the candles I ended up blowing out most in attempt to get you to blow.  You did try to snuff them out with your fingers, but that didn’t end too well.  Still it was a happy day.  

Listening to Your Song on Your Day

I wish now that I would have known that there would be a fourth birthday and it would be a very happy one.  I was still learning how to live in the moment.  I was still practicing staying positive.  These are the gifts you have given me my sweet boy.  Ones that I will never lose.  I hope I can give you back as much.  Happy birthday Perry-o.  You were meant to be mine and I am lucky enough to be yours.

Pictorial of the Camping Trip

Evening stroll by the Payette River

Setting Sun on the Payette River

Evening Stroll

Fun fire at night (hands down, watching things burn was the boys favorite part of camping…)

Fire Play

Zero sleep (thank you Perry) + cold morning = necessary fire and joe

Morning Warm Up

Percolator Joe

Walk in the woods alone with camera

Ponderosa Towering Pines


New Patch of Trees

Old Stump

New Seeds

Fresh Off the Farm

Last week when we went to the Boise Farmer’s Market, I met Matt at one of the vendor tents.  He told me about the farm that produced all the fruits and vegetables I was buying.  He informed me that they did U Pick Strawberries and Blackberries.  Last year we picked blueberries.  My guys LOVE strawberries, WAY more than the like blueberries.  Looking at the weather I knew it would be a perfect morning for picking.  No pressure to pick a certain amount.  Just a fun experience for them to collect their own food.  

So we headed up to Emmett, Idaho.  It is about an hour drive from us.  And well worth the drive.  Waterwheel Gardens is an amazing family worked farm.  They have just about everything you can grow on the land around their home.  It is truly inspiring. You couldn’t have a more beautiful view as you picked strawberries.

Waterwheel Gardens

Looking for Red

We filled 12 of these little baskets.  

Fill the Pint Basket

We could have done more, but like with the blueberries I wanted the experience to be a fun one and not a “job”.  It was definitely fun and I know they enjoyed it even more than the blueberries.  It was apparent from looking at the half eaten baskets of berries.  

Hard Work Half Eaten


is such a beautiful area.  It is the perfect little getaway spot.


I could keep the first 3 out of the water.

Sitting, Looking, Smiling? Small Miracle.

Until Perry showed up on the scene.

Take a Dip

Maybe it is because he was born in the water, maybe he is just my most persistent child, maybe it is just that the water was gorgeously clear in the lake… whatever it was he was getting in it.  And the other 3 followed suit.

Hey Boo

We made a trip to McCall today.  After stopping at the Payette National Forest to climb around and wade in the lake, everyone was all wet and covered in sand.  The scene in our car, of children just in diapers and underwear

In Search of Boo

and Matt in his trucker hat

Trucker Hat

left me searching our car for Honey Boo Boo.